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Muhammed YILMAZ

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I am a Computer Engineer.


Duzce University 2014-2018 Turkey

Computer Engineering, C/C++/C#, Web Development, MSSQL, Database Normalization, Robotics


Programming skills

1. C/C++

I use this languages mostly on robotics. I do not use professionaly.


Office skills

I use mostly Libre Office. I use it when i prepare a documentation of my project.


Web Development

My main knowledge is Asp.Net MVC and i am still using it. I usually use Entity Framework on my works.

I can work full stack or backend or even frontend. I have an intermediate javascript knowledge. I have basic css knowledge. I generally use Bootstrap on my projects.

I do not have even basic knowledge about react, laravel or anything outside of AspNet. But I can learn them. I need a professional work on them.



Robot operating system is my mainly knowledge. I have no professional work on it. I am still learning ROS and robotics. I know some basics of robotics like inverse kinematics or foward kinematics. I want to work on autonomous driving techs like ugv uav or anything about them.


Elektronik Güvenlik Altyapısı AŞ (EGA) Full Stack Software Developper October 2021 -

    I am working at Elektronik Güvenlik Altyapısı AŞ (EGA) as software developper. My works:
  • Electronic signature
  • Electronic verification
  • Web development

SGK Kurumsal Danışmanlık ASP.Net MVC Full Stack Software Developper 2020 Agust-2021 September

    I am working at SGKKurumsal company. The following list is my works:
  • MVC
  • Javascript,Jquery, Ajax

Avocuda - Cross Software Developper, 2020 March-2020 June

  • Mobil Development with Apache Cordova
  • Javascript

Roboik SSB UGV Competition Robotic Software Development, 2019

  • Python
  • OpenCV Lib

Safrantek Software Developper/Internship - İstanbul/TR, 2018 (3 months)

  • ASP.Net
  • Layered Architecture
  • Backend
  • Testing
Future Goals
  • be able to work without being dependent on programming languages
  • improve my foreign languages
  • in the long term, to develop an effective project in the field of software.
  • improve robotic development
  • working remotely in a place with plenty of green space. Village, town, etc. Cities are suffocating me.
  • Languages
    I have not any language certification unfortunately. But I know these languages enough to read the article. I have been 4 years in France from 2006 to 2010. So I can handle with foreign languages.
  • French
  • English